Changing Direction 

A show about creating change after trauma; why and how to do it.

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If your life has gotten to a point where you’re feeling overwhelmed by posttraumatic stress and symptoms, stuck, stalled or just plain tired of feeling bad it’s time to think about CHANGING DIRECTION. On this program we cover a wide spectrum of topics designed to help you turn yourself around and get headed for healing in the right direction.

In an effort to bring you even more ideas for how to reduce and manage stress, depression, mood swings, nightmares, insomnia, sadness, anger, grief and pain, plus redefine who you are and reclaim how you live, CHANGING DIRECTION airs two 30-minute segments each week: Mondays and Wednesdays, 2pm EST/11am PST with guests whose expertise will give you ideas, skills, tools and resources for how to heal after trauma.


Here’s what we’ll cover next… (all shows are at 2pm EST/11am PST)

Michele does an impromptu show every Monday – Click here for the next topic.

Wednesday, April 16 – A Firefighter’s Story of PTSD 

Wednesday, April 23 - We Don’t Die – A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death

Wednesday, April 30 - Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Story of Happniness & Prosperity

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Tune in every Monday and Wednesday at 2pm EST/ 11am PST or listen to the Changing Direction radio archives.