A Firefighter’s Story: Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

First responders have an incredibly tough job: their role centers on the task of bearing witness and responsibility for traumatic events. At the end of the day anyone with a conscience, or as Jay Davies calls it, “compassion”, would walk away carrying the burden of pain. This terrifically human firefighter joined me to discuss depression,… Read More

Do You Want To Hold Onto Your Trauma?

“Do you want to hold onto your trauma?” hardly seems like a fair question to ask a survivor in distress. It’s equal to saying, “You seem like you want to remain stuck emotionally.” Seriously? What survivor consciously wants to wallow in the pain for years and years to come? Secondary gains aside (which are compelling… Read More

One Thing That Breaks My Heart About Trauma

One thing that breaks my heart about trauma is this: How often I receive emails from or have conversations with survivors who have symptoms of posttraumatic stress and are told to “just get over it.”  Or worse, survivors (and I was one of them!) who say this to themselves: “Let it go already!” and then… Read More

7 Important Decisions In Trauma Recovery

7 important decisions in trauma recovery is actually a really small list — there are tons of important choices that you have to make in order to move from where you are today to where you can to be tomorrow. From balancing internal conflicts in PTSD and trauma recovery to finding your purpose in recovery you’re… Read More

Boxing To Heal PTSD: “Fight Like A Girl”

There are lots of treatment approaches to overcoming trauma and PTSD. Usually they involve sitting in a practitioner’s office and going through repetitive processes to release trapped traumatic energy. And then there’s a wholly different way to add power to your process: You could get into the ring and fight it out! On today’s episode… Read More

Meditation and Trauma: Why You Need A Practice

Meditation and trauma, why you need a practice and how to heal are all like spokes in your wheel of healing: they go into the center of what it means to overcome the past. On today’s episode I shared how my first attempt to learn meditation in my recovery was a complete disaster! And also… Read More

How To Transform Negative Beliefs

How to transform negative beliefs, and why? Some thoughts today on answers to both questions…. Your beliefs drive 100% of your behavior. Beliefs are built on your acceptance of the truth of a particular statement. “The grass is green,” for example, is a belief many of us share. Everything you do, see, feel, experience and… Read More

Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Survivor’s Story

Healing childhood sexual abuse (CSA), says David Pittman, Executive Director of Together We Heal (TWH), happens because “Ultimately, you have to make a choice.” For Pittman that choice happened when he was incarcerated for drug possession. Getting clean, facing the truth, healing and founding an organization that provides free counseling is the amazing transformation that… Read More

One Mind: After Trauma You’re Never As Alone As You Feel

Is your mind without boundaries? Is it unlimited? And if it is, how can you use it your trauma recovery? These and other questions were answered by Dr. Larry Dossey, author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters. In our conversation we covered the idea of how our… Read More

How To Treat Trauma: Two Essential Approaches

Treatment for trauma has two essential approaches — from both sides of the fence. On one side you have the clinical perspective about what trauma treatment means, its purpose and what it looks like. On the other side you have the survivor perspective of how it feels and what it requires to manage and survive.… Read More