Trauma Recovery Perspective: Can You See It As An Adventure?

I’ll just come out and admit it to you: I was not a very positive survivor-in-recovery. I doubted myself a lot, despaired a lot, cried, carried on and gave up a lot, and in general isolated myself like a hibernating bear in January. To sum it up, my recovery was not a pretty picture. Looking… Read More

How To Access The Amazing You

After trauma it’s very common to lose a sense of who you are. You, your life, relationships and even the world can seem different. Recovery from trauma means regaining that sense of identity – and at best, that sense of your amazing self and all that you can achieve. Listen in as I talk to… Read More

How To Silence Your Negative Inner Voice

There’s so much negative chatter in our heads. The trauma voice does like to go on and on. Are you hearing it clearly even now as it pokes at you throughout the day? When you become aware of your negative voice – your gremlin - is a great time to do something about it. Some of… Read More

The Imprint Of Trauma – And How It Is Removed

When I first went for hypnosis for PTSD treatment is was a sort of Hail Mary action. I didn’t believe in hypnosis. The crazy thing: it became the key that unlocked the door to my freedom. I like this explanation that my hypnotherapist gave me about how trauma affects us: When a trauma occurs, the… Read More

Turn Your Negative Beliefs Into Positive Ones

During my trauma recovery I battled a lot of negative beliefs. For example, the idea that I didn’t deserve to survive. Yep, that was a BIG negative belief that drove a lot of my thoughts, behaviors and actions for over 25 years. (Isn’t it sad how we come through a trauma and then get tripped… Read More

21 Things I Learned About How to Overcome Life’s Challenges

This post was originally published when my trauma recovery memoir, BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future, was officially released… Whoo-hoo! I cannot BELIEVE it! Seven years ago I just sat down to write out my trauma so that I could heal. And now…. I’m particularly excited to share it with you, my… Read More

How Do You See Yourself?

In my trauma recovery memoir I write about how I had changed after my trauma. It felt like I changed a lot! Technically, the physical scars we not the issue for me; it was the emotional scars that left me so damaged. I noticed the change immediately when I came home from the hospital. In… Read More

Trusting Your Trauma Recovery Progress

So often I hear from survivors who are moving forward in recovery and then are shocked to discover how scary it is to feel good! Well, we all have that in common. We all have in common, too, our distrust of the progress we’ve made. In my trauma recovery memoir I write: I tread carefully… Read More

Be Filled With Your Desire

In healing after trauma you have to be filled with the full force of your want. Antoine de Saint-Exupery (have you read his book, THE LITTLE PRINCE?) understands this concept of desire so very well: If you want to build a ship, don’t herd people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work,… Read More

Inner Wisdom and The Value of Listening

There’s so much chatter in our heads. Your post-trauma voice can sound like it goes on and on…. and on in all kinds of negative ways. Allowing it to run rampantly like this can really interfere with moving forward and feeling better. Sometimes, it’s good to quiet that voice and — listen to another voice instead.… Read More