How To Transform Negative Beliefs

How to transform negative beliefs, and why? Some thoughts today on answers to both questions…. Your beliefs drive 100% of your behavior. Beliefs are built on your acceptance of the truth of a particular statement. “The grass is green,” for example, is a belief many of us share. Everything you do, see, feel, experience and… Read More

Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Survivor’s Story

Healing childhood sexual abuse (CSA), says David Pittman, Executive Director of Together We Heal (TWH), happens because “Ultimately, you have to make a choice.” For Pittman that choice happened when he was incarcerated for drug possession. Getting clean, facing the truth, healing and founding an organization that provides free counseling is the amazing transformation that… Read More

Mind Movies: Training Your Brain To Manifest What You Want

Making a movie that combines positive mental imagery with your affirmations can help you take stronger, more confident action to create the change you choose. Wednesday on CHANGING DIRECTION I’m interviewing Natalie Ledwell, the co-founder of Mind Movies. Watch this vid to see an example of what a mind movie looks like and begin thinking about… Read More

Change You Choose Interview: Gloria Thiessen

Someone once said to me, “When you don’t have your own, borrow hope from someone else.” That always stayed with me and today as I look back on the changes I’ve created in my life there was often one or more people at the time that I knew personally or vicariously through their presence in… Read More

Willpower: Using Your Brain’s High Energy System

Always promise to do something good for yourself but then never follow through? Find yourself reaching for that doughnut or that extra beer when you know you shouldn’t? Having trouble stopping yourself from indulging in a habit or behavior you know is bad for you — but you just can’t stop yourself? Accessing and utilizing… Read More

How Much Are You Choosing Your Attitude?

Earlier this week I was working with a private client who expressed frustration that everyone is always out to get him. The cashier at the supermarket, the attendant at the parking lot, even the maitre d’ at a local restaurant all go out of their way to make sure his experience is a challenging one.… Read More

After Trauma: Taking Control of The Present Moment

Recently a reader sent me a note saying that he is about to face a very uncomfortable and triggering situation. He asked, “Do you have any tips that would make this future experience easier?” Well, you know me…. I’m always willing to share things I’ve learned that could help you reclaim control. I wanted to… Read More

Looking Forward After Trauma: Use Your Imagination

New year, same old post-trauma problem(s) right? I used to hate both new years and birthdays because they brought me face to face with the fact that another year had been lost in the post-trauma vortex. Talk about a downer! While everyone else celebrated I just cried and cried. Then one year I decided to make… Read More

Proof That Trauma Can Be Overcome

Wow! If you want to hear what it sounds like to go to the depths of trauma — and then find a way to bring yourself to a place of pure triumph in moving forward and reclaiming a joyful, meaningful and purposeful life — stop reading and immediately push the play button for this podcast!… Read More

How To Practice Lovingkindess To Cope With Trigger People

In her book LEARNING TO BREATHE author and survivor Priscilla Warner writes about her quest to bring calm into her life. One of the ways she did that was by participating in a study at the University of Pennsylvania that tracked the impact of twenty minutes of  lovingkindnessmeditation every day for two months. At the… Read More