Before the World Intruded: The Inner Source of Athletic Excellence


BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED is one woman's quest to triumph over trauma -- and the very unexpected way she did it. This transcendent book shows what can happen when you discover who you are and then choose who you most deeply want to be.
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21 Things I Learned About How to Overcome Life’s Challenges

This post was originally published when my trauma recovery memoir, BEFORE THE WORLD INTRUDED: Conquering the Past and Creating the Future, was officially released… Whoo-hoo! I cannot BELIEVE it! Seven years ago I just sat down to write out my trauma so that I could heal. And now…. I’m particularly excited to share it with you, my… Read More

3 Ways to Develop Self-Trust After Trauma

Why you might lack self-trust is simple: Something bad happened and you didn’t ___________. Fill in the blank with whatever you feel guilty about related to either your traumatic experience or your struggle with PTSD. Whether you were 5 months or 50 years old at the time of your trauma losing your ability to trust… Read More

A Firefighter’s Story: Depression, Anxiety and PTSD

First responders have an incredibly tough job: their role centers on the task of bearing witness and responsibility for traumatic events. At the end of the day anyone with a conscience, or as Jay Davies calls it, “compassion”, would walk away carrying the burden of pain. This terrifically human firefighter joined me to discuss depression,… Read More

Do You Want To Hold Onto Your Trauma?

“Do you want to hold onto your trauma?” hardly seems like a fair question to ask a survivor in distress. It’s equal to saying, “You seem like you want to remain stuck emotionally.” Seriously? What survivor consciously wants to wallow in the pain for years and years to come? Secondary gains aside (which are compelling… Read More

Trauma & the NICU: Life After the Pain

Trauma and the NICU – – life after the pain begins with learning how to live life despite the pain. For parents of premature babies this is a significant topic as the original trauma can end only to be followed by enormous stress and further traumas as preemie babies struggle to survive. Watching your baby’s… Read More

One Thing That Breaks My Heart About Trauma

One thing that breaks my heart about trauma is this: How often I receive emails from or have conversations with survivors who have symptoms of posttraumatic stress and are told to “just get over it.”  Or worse, survivors (and I was one of them!) who say this to themselves: “Let it go already!” and then… Read More

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